A network of experts

We’re building something unique: the KCS member network and  Child Safeguarding Community of Practice.

KCS network members comprise a diverse range of organisations and include large NGOs with a worldwide presence;  smaller, local charities that work in specific regions or with specific groups of children; and others – think tanks, universities, foundations and training providers.

The KCS network is the means by which child safeguarding experts can help and support one another. By exchanging skills, experience and resources, our members are building a community of practice that will become more effective and influential as a result of working together. If keeping children safe is your priority, then please do consider joining our community of experts to share ideas and concerns with your peers and raise safeguarding standards around the world.

Member benefits

There is much more to KCS than just joining a network. When you become a member, your organisation will benefit from a whole range of support functions: from training webinars to the most up-to-date news and views, to events packed with influential experts in the field of child safeguarding.

Above all, when you join as a member, we will support your organisation to do all that is possible to ensure that your staff, programmes and operations are safe for children.

Linking up

The KCS network is all about personal contacts. Formal and informal. Whether you meet up at events, get recommendations through emails, join us on Linkedin, or login to our Slack network hub – you choose how you want to engage with your network peers is up to you.

The KCS member network is tailored specifically for organisations and their teams working in child safeguarding.

As a KCS network member, you can share rich and varied content, take advantage of opportunities, and bring together conversation threads that are taking place all over the world. It’s this context that the development of new policies and practices can be shared and scaled up to raise child safeguarding standards across all sectors.

Who can join?

To join the KCS member network, your organisation can apply as a corporate member or as a not-for-profit member. Whichever membership type you select, you should first have taken our free self-assessment, which will reveal your organisation’s child safeguarding strengths and weaknesses – and probably show that now is the time to act, and become a KCS member.

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