Child Safeguarding Workshops

Our mission is to help more and more organisations develop and implement child safeguarding, putting it at the heart of everything they do. To further that aim we can create tailor-made workshops, delivered online for your trustees, senior management, staff and partners.

Online workshops are about 1.5 hours each. Lengthier subjects can be broken into modules, again about 1.5 hours each.

In future, post-pandemic, when in-house workshops become possible again, we will be able to set up much more comprehensive and interactive workshops that can be from one to five days, depending on your needs.

Whether your organisation just needs advice or guidance, or longer-term, individualised support, our experts will be able to advise and help.

To give you an idea of the kind of workshops we have created, below is a listing of a wide variety of subjects:

  • Safeguarding certification
  • Safeguarding certification of sports organisations
  • Safeguarding audits
  • Reviewing an organisation’s safeguarding policy/procedures against KCS standards
  • Safeguarding risk assessments of programmes (e.g., education, water and sanitation, health, sports, women’s empowerment, etc.)


Other workshops topics

Individual capacity building and strengthening

  • Safeguarding focal points
  • Management’s role and responsibilities in safeguarding
  • Board of directors’ role and responsibilities in safeguarding
  • Managing serious safeguarding concerns
  • Board safeguarding committees

Organisational capacity in child safeguarding

  • Basic introduction to safeguarding
  • How to develop/strengthen a safeguarding policy
  • How to implement and integrate safeguarding policy/procedures
  • Online safety
  • Investigating serious safeguarding concerns
  • Child safeguarding for sports organisations
  • Child safeguarding in international schools
  • Child safeguarding in emergencies
  • Child safeguarding for journalists and researchers
  • Monitoring and evaluating safeguarding implementation
  • Supporting partners with their safeguarding
  • Developing a reporting/response mechanism
  • Child safeguarding in fundraising/communications
  • Child safeguarding and faith-based organisations
  • Child safeguarding and community-based approaches
  • Individual mentoring/coaching

Legal frameworks

Working in collaboration with the University of Reading: Mapping of national legal frameworks relevant to safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

Free online workshops

For those looking for an introduction to child safeguarding, we are holding FREE online workshops on a rolling basis. Our team of child safeguarding practitioners with international training experience are strategically located in different parts of the world. Each of these free introductory workshops will be about 1 to 1.30 hours long, presented in either English, French or Spanish. You can register for these events by clicking the ‘Register now’ link below. There is a capacity limit, so do be sure to book early!

Book a workshop

If you would like to know more about our workshops, or book our child safeguarding practitioners to set one up for your organisation, please do get in touch today.


What you can do

Help keep children safe

You can make a donation to support our work online (see donate button in the top right corner of this page) or by bank transfer: Account no: 65445370, sort code: 089299 (please reference: SAFE). You can also download a donation form (PDF)  (US single donation / US regular donation) or (UK single donation / UK regular donation), if you would prefer to send a cheque (made payable to ‘Keeping Children Safe’).

Find out if your organisation could be putting children at risk

Use the Keeping Children Safe free self-assessment tool today.


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