KCS Africa Conference 2020

Thank you for your interest!

Applications for the KCS Africa Conference are now closed. 

Due to an unexpected high level of demand, we are sadly unable to provide everyone with a place at this year’s event. While of course we are delighted with so much interest, we are also very disappointed not to be able to accommodate all those who expressed interest in attending.

We have now adjusted the format of the conference to accommodate the increased number of attendees. There will be plenary sessions over both days to ensure maximum benefit for all. More information will be emailed to all attendees in due course.

Keeping Children Safe, in partnership with Mastercard Foundation, is delighted to present our member’s networking conference in Africa, which will be held from 8 to 9 January 2020, in Nairobi, Kenya.

The event, which focuses on Child Safeguarding in Education and Youth Programmes will provide KCS Members, child safeguarding practitioners and researchers with a platform to network, share experiences, the latest research, challenges and good practice.

A complete programme of the event will be released closer to the date of the conference.

Our speakers and the KCS Team will be leading discussions on child safeguarding through evidence-based communication and information, promoting donor and researcher involvement in supporting and undertaking studies, building capacity and improving knowledge of child abuse internationally.

The discussions will cover:

  • Safeguarding Children in Conflicts and Crisis Situations – One third of our members are operating development, education and health programmes in protracted conflicts and crises. How can we implement effective child safeguarding in the context of emergencies?
  • Supporting Partners – Two thirds of our members support partners with multiple programmes in the region. How can we best support them to implement effective safeguarding measures?
  • Safeguarding Culture in Education – Half of our network members support education programmes in the region. How can we work together to make sure all children are safe to learn?
  • Victim /Survivor-Centred Approach – How do we best support the victims and survivors of abuse?
  • Safeguarding Children and Youth in Sport – All children and youth have the right to participate safely in sport. How can we ensure they are protected from abuse?
  • Child and Youth Participation in Safeguarding – Sharing good practice and developing key guidance for the network.

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