Safeguarding children from peacekeeper abuse

Keeping Children Safe and University of Reading launched a global initiative for organisations involved in UN peacekeeping missions to take urgent action to safeguard children from peacekeeper abuse. Despite the UN’s full commitment to a policy of zero-tolerance, cases of sexual exploitation and abuse of some of the world’s most vulnerable children continue to be reported in the context of peacekeeping missions.

Keeping Children Safe sets tough International Child Safeguarding Standards to ensure all organisations protect children from exploitation and abuse. Child safeguarding is the responsibility that organisations have to make sure their staff, operations, and programmes do no harm to children. That is that organisations do not expose children to the risk of harm and abuse, and that any concerns about children’s safety within the communities in which they work, are reported to the appropriate authorities.

Below are some useful resources, project reports, academic articles, media links, and related websites.


Project Reports

Academic articles


Related websites

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