Child Safeguarding PowerPoint Toolkit

Download the Keeping Children Safe PowerPoint toolkit, which is a complete package for people working in child protection across the world. The standards and exercises provide a sound basis for the development of effective measures to prevent and respond to violence: from awareness-raising strategies to safeguarding measures. They offer an excellent opportunity not only for the improvement of the quality and professionalism of those working with children but most importantly, it will help to achieve a greater impact for children.

It is an excellent introduction to our International Child Safeguarding Standards, outlining the four core standards that have been designed to assist organisations to meet their responsibilities for safeguarding children. It provides an overview of what your organisation needs to do to meet the standards and will help to create a plan for developing and implementing child safeguarding policies and procedures as well as how to strengthen existing policies and procedures.

Ways to help

We provide online tools and resources for free, under Creative Commons attribution licences, because we want to make Child Safeguarding universal and global. But we couldn’t do this without the generosity of people like you, who support our work in small and big ways. Please do consider giving today. Every donation helps make a difference to a child around the world.


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