Handling safeguarding allegations

A new UK Government website giving Guidance on handling safeguarding allegations is just being rolled out.

Useful resource

This new site emphasises very much the message Keeping Children Safe has been promoting since 2001: ‘Every organisation that delivers charitable activities has a responsibility to safeguard people from harm or abuse, whether they are staff members, volunteers, or other people who come into contact with your charity through its work.’ The site focuses on safeguarding allegations, covering all ages – but is exclusively aimed at charities based in, or working within, the UK. However, from a safeguarding perspective, their allegations reporting tool could be a useful resource to anybody around the world who has any concerns and would like to find out what steps they could take.

International organisations

If you are working for an international organisation – whether a company or not-for-profit – and working with and for children, then please do make use of our free self-assessment tool, which will give you child-specific guidance. Our core mission is to prevent child abuse from happening in the first place, but we also help respond to concerns raised within organisations, as well as offering advice and training if needed.  

What you can do

Ways to give Please take a look at the many ways you can support our work. Every donation helps make a difference to a child around the world. Find out if your organisation could be putting children at risk Use the Keeping Children Safe free self-assessment tool today.  

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