Welcome to our newest members

We are excited to welcome our four newest members to the global KCS Members’ Network. Child safeguarding is what every organisation that works with or for children needs to put at the heart of everything they do. Every day. They need to make sure their staff, operations, and programmes do no harm to children – ensuring that not a single child gets exposed to the harm of abuse. And that any concerns about children’s safety are reported to the appropriate authorities.

We are looking forward to working with and helping our members to achieve our common goal – of a world where no child is abused. We therefore would like to welcome:

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust is a growing network of young change-makers across the Commonwealth. Its platform is a place where smart ideas and insights are shared, to demonstrate that change can be brought about by anyone, anywhere. QCT champions, funds and connects young leaders who are working hard to change the world. They find and support young people whose bright ideas solve local problems across a range of areas including education, health, the environment and sport.

Family For Every Child

Family For Every Child influences national, regional and global decision-makers to implement positive change to child protection policies and services, with a specific focus on children being cared for in a safe family environment. Their two strategic goals are:

  1. Enabling children to grow up in permanent, safe and caring families, and
  2. Ensuring a range of high-quality alternative care choices

GHR Foundation

Alongside their partners around the world, the GHR Foundation re-imagines what’s possible when pursuing change across our areas of impact: Education, Global Development, Alzheimer’s Prevention and more. The foundation’s global development funding takes an integrated approach to tackling complex challenges by advocating for children outside family care, employing inter-religious approaches to peacebuilding and empowering Catholic Sisters. The education the GHR founders received, shaped their lives, and they continue their commitment to providing hope and opportunity through education by investing in innovative and values-focused institutions and programs.


Coomacovalle is our newest member working in Latin America. They are a Columbian organisation who are a cooperative of community mothers that deliver early childhood development services to children up to five years old, through a network of small businesses providing a wide variety of goods and services to the local community.

Students Campaign Against Drugs

SCAD‘s works in Kenya to have a healthy society free from drugs and substance abuse by preventing the use of drugs among young people especially school going children, through innovative research, education and advocacy programs.

Pure Aid Incorporated

Pure Aid is a US organisation operating in Sierra Leone and Liberia. They work with community volunteers, local authorities, and other partners in advocacy and raising awareness on the prevention of child abuse.

Time + Tide Foundation

Time + Tide works in Madagascar and Zambia to support female empowerment for primary and secondary school girls, health, home-based education for children with special needs, student sponsorship and wildlife conservation.

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We are here to help organisations make sure that the children they or their partner organisations work with are safe from abuse. The first step to making sure no child in your care is coming to harm, is to use our free self-assessment tool, to find out how well your organisation is implementing child protection policies.

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