Coronavirus advice

What parents and carers should know

On this page we’ll be posting and updating useful links to websites that help parents and carers to understand how Coronavirus (COVID-19) could affect children in their care – and measures to take to protect them and yourself against infection.


UNICEF gives a clear introduction to the pandemic, as well as alerting carers about the many myths and misinformation about coronavirus being shared online – including on how COVID-19 spreads, how to stay safe, and what to do if you’re worried about having contracted the virus.

It is important to be careful where you look for information and advice. This explainer contains information and recommendations on how to reduce the risk of infection, whether you should take your child out of school, whether it’s safe for pregnant women to breastfeed, and precautions to take when travelling. UNICEF has also launched a portal where you can find more information and guidance about COVID-19. In addition, the WHO has a useful section addressing some of the most frequently asked questions.

It’s also advisable to keep up-to-date on travel, education and other guidance provided by your national or local authorities for the latest recommendations and news.

Save the Children

The international charity Save the Children gives advice on how parents and carers can talk to children about the Coronavirus, how it affects their lives, and what precautions can be taken to avoid infection.

‘Save the Children has decades of experience responding to public health emergencies including disease outbreaks. We are closely monitoring the spread of the novel coronavirus and its potential impact on our staff and our operations, particularly in those countries where an outbreak could spread rapidly.‘  Dr Zaeem Haq, Global Medical Director, Save the Children

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