Congratulations to Terre Des Hommes

We’re pleased to announce the successful re-certification to Level 1 of the Terre Des Hommes International Federation (TDH), a Full Member of the KCS network. This means they have effective safeguarding measures in place across all of their operations according to the International Child Safeguarding Standards.

This achievement places Terre Des Hommes as a sector leader in child safeguarding and reflects the hard work done by the whole TDH team.

‘The Terre des Hommes International Federation recently obtained a Keeping Children Safe Level 1 re-certification, three years after having obtained certification for the first time. The process included the review of the standards, policies and practices of the seven full members of our network, active around the world to empower and protect children and young people, with headquarters in five European countries.

 As an organisation rooted in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the safety of children and the principle of “do no harm” is instrumental to our work. As a federated organisation, approaches to safeguarding among our diverse membership may however differ from one member to the next.

By working together to renew our Level 1 certification with Keeping Children Safe, we strengthened our collective capacity and expertise, and aligned existing practices. Keeping Children Safe’s recommendations will continue to guide us towards overcoming possible weaknesses in our safeguarding system. We appreciate the support and guidance of Keeping Children Safe, and will publicise the level one recertification award on the homepage of our regional a national offices and include it on  our presentations and letterhead – as a proof of the quality of our work with children.’

Delphine Moralis, Secretary General

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