Welcome to the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

We are excited to welcome the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT) to the KCS members’ network. QCT is a growing network of young change-makers across the Commonwealth. Its platform is a place where smart ideas and insights are shared, to demonstrate that change can be brought about by anyone, anywhere. QCT champions, funds and connects young leaders who are working hard to change the world. They find and support young people whose bright ideas solve local problems across a range of areas including education, health, the environment and sport.

A growing network

We’re building something unique: the KCS members’ network and Child Safeguarding Community of Practice.

The KCS members’ network comprises a diverse range of organisations and include large NGOs with a worldwide presence;  smaller, local charities that work in specific regions or with specific groups of children; and others – think tanks, universities, foundations and training providers.

The KCS network is the means by which child safeguarding experts can help and support one another. By exchanging skills, experience and resources, our members are building a community of practice that will become more effective and influential as a result of working together. If keeping children safe is your priority, then please do consider joining our community of experts to share ideas and concerns with your peers and raise safeguarding standards around the world.

Join our network!

We are here to help organisations make sure that the children they or their partner organisations work with are safe from abuse. The first step to making sure no child in your care is coming to harm, is to use our free self-assessment tool, to find out how well your organisation is implementing child protection policies. Now is the time to act.

Cover photo from QCT: GirlDreamer is an empowerment platform for the next generation of women of colour. The project provides leadership development and community initiatives focused around social inclusion, so that young women of colour are empowered to do, be and achieve more.

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