American School In Japan goes to top of class

Going to the top level

The American School In Japan (ASIJ) has been working with Keeping Children Safe (KCS) to achieve a Level 2 Certification in Child Safeguarding. This process involves rigorous assessment of the whole organisation’s approach to safeguarding. Our team reviews policies, documentation, training materials, recruitment procedures and more. What sets Level 2 Certification above all other forms of verifying your organisation’s safeguarding standards is the high level of scrutiny involving staff and community interviews and visits to various locations to ensure all measures have been implemented correctly according to policy.

In the case of ASIJ, this process was covered during a four-day intensive visit conducted by our Senior Child Safeguarding Advisor, Vijay Baskar. Vijay met with community stakeholders, students from grades 3-12, members of the Leadership Team, Board of Directors, parents from all four school divisions, individual department heads from Communications to Transportation and members of the Safeguarding Task Force.

I opened the message from KCS and read the word, “Congratulations!” ASIJ had successfully passed Level Two Certification becoming the first organization working with KCS to do so. The letter acknowledged that ASIJ has “developed a child safeguarding framework that, when implemented, protects children from harm and if a child safeguarding incident should occur, you have the appropriate response mechanisms in place…” In particular, the audit report made mention of how ASIJ had embedded a culture of safeguarding within the school’s vision, priorities, and whole-school operations.
Monica Clear, Safeguarding Coordinator ASIJ.

Keeping children safe

If your organisation is interested in seeking KCS Certification Level 1 or 2 , do get in touch with our Capacity Building Team today.

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