DeafKidZ International has developed an imaginative resource in partnership with Litmus Games as a fun and informative way for young Deaf children to understand how to keep themselves and others safe from COVID-19.

DEAFKIDZ vs COVID-19 is a set of three simple, but fast paced games to show you how to stop spreading COVID-19 and beat the virus! You can play again and again to try to improve your score. The games are highly visual and interactive, aimed at reinforcing the vital messages of keeping hands away from the face, washing hands properly, and maintaining a social distance.

While universally appealing, the underlying key aim of these games was to create a fun and informative way for young deaf children to understand how to keep themselves and others safe from COVID-19. 

It was created as this challenging time of COVID-19  we are all concerned about how to stay safe, and although there are resources available explaining how to minimise the spread of the virus, none have been developed in consultation with deaf children, and their specific communication and information needs in mind.

DeafKidZ wanted to address this, and therefore create a resource to help deaf children, like all children, to be empowered, to stay safe, and to reduce the risk of infection and transmission. 

Communities worldwide will experience the ‘aftershocks’ of the COVID-19 pandemic for the foreseeable future, and DeafKidz aims to ensure no deaf child is left behind. We hope you, your friends, family, and colleagues enjoy our new DEAFKIDZ vs COVID-19 games and will join us in sharing the link though your networks and social media. Please see do let DEAFKIDZ know what you think of the games.

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