The FCDO self-assessment tool

Does your organisation work with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) or is looking to apply for funding?

FCDO (formerly known as DFID) now expects and requires every organisation they work with to have adequate safeguarding measures in place. Working with Keeping Children Safe and others, DFID developed a set of standards and criteria to which their grantees must now comply. These Standards are focused on Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH) and look at how your organisation works to ensure measures are in place to prevent harm and abuse.

This tool was developed by KCS in 2018 for conducting central assessments of PSEAH policies and procedures for organisations partnering with the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. It was published online by KCS in 2020 as a free resource to help organisations improve their capacity to prevent SEAH.

The assessment below does not assess child safeguarding, which is broader and includes protection from all types of harm. If your organisation works with or comes into contact with children, it is vital to ensure that these children are kept at the centre of all your safeguarding measures. To ensure that your organisation keeps children safe, do complete the KCS international child safeguarding self-assessment, which covers additional, specifically child safeguarding related areas not included in the FCDO assessment tool.

If you would like to discuss the results of your self-assessment, then do get in touch with the KCS Team who will be more than happy to help.

Online assessment

This online assessment is a shorter version of the full document, which is a working spreadsheet that can be download and used freely, with due reference to original copyright (see below). The online assessment takes about 40 minutes to complete. You can always go backwards during the process to amend details. However, please note that all information you enter will be lost if you close the browser window before submitting the results.

Please note!

  • this is just one of a range of tools and techniques KCS used to assess safeguarding
  • safeguarding assessments should assess the quality of the measures in place in each location
  • this tool is for information purposes only and does not provide assurance the standards have been met.

Any reproduction of these works is subject to the following terms of licence:

  • Attribution All copies or quoted passages must state: ‘Copyright © KCS Coalition’
  • Non-commercial use Unless explicitly authorised in writing by a director of KCS Coalition, use by any commercial organisation is prohibited
  • No Derivative Works Any copies should remain intact. Any adaptation, transformation or building upon these works is prohibited.

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