ChildFund Japan’s journey

As a child-focused development organisation, ChildFund Japan believes in the intrinsic value of each child, which is the inspiration behind their drive to provide opportunities for every child to develop its full potential. The organisation’s history roots back to 1952, when it was established with the help of sponsorship funds in support of Japanese orphans following the World War II. 

Individual donors in the US sponsored war orphans living in child welfare institutions. It is that idea of sponsorship that the organisation has continued to build upon and continues to present. 

Since 1975, ChildFund Japan has been working in the Philippines and Nepal to help deprived, excluded, and vulnerable children, families, and communities to find meaningful, sustainable solutions. In compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the organisation continues to serve impoverished children, families, and communities in education, healthcare, nutrition, and income generation areas through sponsorship, special assistance, and emergency relief and rehabilitation programs.

Over the last few years the team of child safeguarding experts at Keeping Children Safe (KCS) has been supporting, and working with ChildFund Japan, to take them on a journey – from not having any child safeguarding measure of significance in place, to embedding safeguarding policies and procedures into the very heart of their organisation.

From supporting the organisation in proposal-writing, to helping to raise funds allowing staff to attend three-day focal point workshops, to guidance and advice on interpreting and responding to the results of their self-assessment.  

ChildFund Japan now works with other like-minded, child-focused agencies to mutually share best practices and promote child safeguarding among Japanese NGOs, as well as partner INGOs.

Pictured above: Vijay Baskar, Senior Child Safeguarding Adviser at Keeping Children Safe, running a foundation training workshop for NGOs based in Japan in May 2019 in Tokyo which was coordinated by Save the Children Japan and Childfund Japan.

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