Keeping Victims/Survivors Safe Programme

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What is this about?

Keeping Children Safe is supporting organisations working with, and for, some of the most at-risk children in the world to keep them safe.  As part of this work we have launched our new Keeping Victims/Survivors Safe Programme offering a tailored package of free membership and technical support on child safeguarding for small organisations working with victims/survivors of child abuse.

Participating organisations will receive:

  • A free introductory webinar on child safeguarding tailored to the needs of your organisation and open to all your staff, volunteers and associates
  • Support to carry a context specific child safeguarding risk assessment
  • A detailed technical assessment of your current child safeguarding measures
  • Guidance on creating a child safeguarding policy and implementation plan to meet International Child Safeguarding Standards
  • Ongoing coaching, mentoring and technical advice with a named KCS staff member
  • Free webinars on specific safeguarding issues for all your staff
  • An invitation to our Members’ Conferences and other online events where you can have access to all talks and webinars from previous sessions and learn from expert practitioners around the world
  • Free access for all your staff to our programme of collaborative online courses for international child safeguarding practitioners, including the upcoming 4-week Foundation in International Child Safeguarding Course.

Support can be provided in English and Spanish.

Priority will be given to organisations with an annual income of less than $500K USD operating in low income counties.

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