Amala joins the KCS network

Keeping Children Safe (KCS) is pleased to welcome Amala, a new and fast growing organisation, to our Child Safeguarding Network. They work to provide young refugees around the world with flexible and inclusive secondary education, and want to do everything to safeguard anyone who is a part of Amala.

The organisation aims to keep developing and strengthening their safeguarding policy and practices, and wanted to make sure that they were using ‘best practice’. KCS offers both expert advice, alongside a community of like-minded organisations that share many of the same challenges as Amala – making KCS the perfect place to go for support.

Amala want to ensure that they can safeguard anyone who comes into contact with their organisation, and we want to continue to develop and strengthen their policy, procedures and practices.

They hope to have reviewed and revised their safeguarding policy, and strengthened the organisational practices so that these are more inclusive of students, and to embed a greater culture of safeguarding within the organisation.

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