Summit success!

This is a big thank-you message to all our speakers and attendees.

Now, with our first online summit safely under our belt, we’d like to take the time to thank every one of our friends, attendees, and presenters who made this year’s pioneering event a truly special one!

While our annual conference is usually held in London, we felt, given the current situation, that it was time to take the child safeguarding message out to our global audience, which is exactly what we achieved.

As always, the current pandemic is all about adapting and innovating – driving us to redesign the agenda from the ground up to ensure we could bring the most pressing industry topics to a global audience. From keeping children safe in sport, understanding the challenges in UN peacekeeping missions, applying child safeguarding to a donkey sanctuary – this year had it all.

With over 1,000 participants, from literally all over the world, we are delighted that we have managed to move into a new dimension for sharing child safeguarding knowledge. The analytics map below only shows the biggest groups of attendees, leaving out smaller clusters from countries as varied as Russia, Brazil, Sweden, South Sudan to Azerbaijan.

Though we did face some unexpected challenges…. 

For a while on Thursday our recorded presentations all went off-line. What happened was that we inadvertently triggered a ‘false positive’ with Vimeo – because we were uploading materials that used titles such as child abuse, victims etc. Are we angry with them for taking us off-line? Actually, no. Even though we had to improvise heavily to keep the show rolling, we are very impressed by how they obviously have a system in place aimed at tackling exactly the abuses we are campaigning against. So well done Vimeo!

Which leaves us at Keeping Children Safe to say a big thank you to all our amazing presenters, and a special thank you to all the speakers and attendees joining us from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Australian, who despite the time difference were more than happy to get involved!

We have now uploaded all of the recordings for the summit, with the odd file still requiring some editing and re-uploading. Please do note that these will all be available online for at least a year after the summit. So, there is plenty of time to revisit talks, or catch up on those you may have missed.

And there are already plans for our next event sometime early next year, which will be held in Spanish, with our Latin America partners in mind.

Coming up as our next big project will be to launch our online courses, which we plan to start rolling out end of November.Do follow us for latest updates on this and all other news by subscribing to our newsletter at, or follow us on Linkedin or Twitter.

In the meantime, from each of us at Keeping Children Safe, stay safe and see you all soon!

Congratulations! Not only have you survived a 5-day online conference, in my opinion, it was a great success!!! I was reviewing a couple of the sessions I missed, and was again struck by the number and the quality of offerings. Really, good work pulling this all together.

And I know that instead of taking a couple of days off to recuperate, you are already back at it. We’re seeing emails from Juan Diego and Stefan flying back and forth with our offices! You guys are non-stop!

Megan E.B. Kelly, MSW, Senior Child Protection Advisor, Global Program, Compassion International

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