Welcoming the National Institute of Human Rights

We are delighted to welcome the National Institute of Human Rights (NIHR) to the Keeping Children Safe members’ network and our Keeping Victims and Survivors Safe Programme. We are really looking forward to working with them on their child safeguarding measures.

NIHR is an independent NGO, non-profit, developmental, works on the dissemination and strengthening of the culture of human rights and democracy, citizenship and peace-building for (children, young people and women) and target the most vulnerable of them over the long term in various regions of Iraq.

As always, we like to post a news story about new members, and promote the organisation amongst the KCS network and online following.

By SamSameer N. Hasaneer

What made you decide to join the KCS members’network? 

NIHR’s core interest is to care for children and protect them in multiple environments especially internally and advocate for their lives, we are looking forward to further developing our policies and future planning to better reach the planned goals, to expand our work on the national, regional, and international levels. And based on that we look for partnerships and active donors to help us to achieve our goal.

What is your key driver to implement child safeguarding?

The main motive is that the targeted environment in Iraq is going through continuous natural and unnatural crises which generate many needs and increase in the number of children who need to protect and enjoy their rights, especially in NGO working environments.

Where do you think your organisation will be regarding child safeguarding in a year?

NIHR have procedures and policies that are matching the international standards pertaining child safeguarding and have access to resources that can be used in this field.

What message do you want to tell your staff, donors and the wider world?

The children are the most vulnerable in Iraq, and they are badly in need of your capability and capacity, we invite you to help them.

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