No one to turn to

The under-reporting of child sexual exploitation and abuse by aid workers and peacekeepers. By Corinna Csáky, Save the Children The report In the No one to turn to (PDF) report we focus on ways to

UN Peacekeeping report

Despite the UN’s full commitment to a policy of zero-tolerance of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA), cases continue to be reported in peacekeeping missions. The vast majority of peacekeeping

Safeguarding children from peacekeeper abuse

Keeping Children Safe and University of Reading launched a global initiative for organisations involved in UN peacekeeping missions to take urgent action to safeguard children from peacekeeper abuse.

Safeguarding in conflict and crisis

Robust, comprehensive safeguarding measures, including those used in crisis- and conflict-affected contexts, need to take appropriate account of local contexts in order to adhere to the highest

Training UN Peacekeepers

Training UN Peacekeepers in child safeguarding is vital for the Uruguayan Army's UN Peacekeepers. Uruguay is one of over 120 countries working with the United Nations, which have helped keep the peace

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