Case studies

Our capacity building programmes with KCS network members have a direct impact on the lives of children, as these case studies show.

In Somalia, for example, we are strengthening safeguarding within the education system, and in Nigeria, our entry point has been to work with other organisations to improve child protection networks. If after implementing KCS policies and procedures a child has been the victim of abuse by someone within an organisation trusted to serve them, these children now have a safe way of reporting that abuse. There will be dedicated staff to whom they can go as a first point of contact, and systems in place that report abusers to the police and bring them to justice.

The programmes that we support have also resulted in increased awareness at a community level. Children and others will better understand child rights and what constitutes inappropriate behavior, and have a mechanism through which cases of abuse can be reported.

Some quick facts

  • Keeping Children Safe was established in 2001 specifically to help organisations make sure that children in their care are safe from abuse
  • Today, our training and guidelines safeguard millions of children in almost every country in the world
  • We have almost 100 member organisations in our global network, both very large and very small, including some working in the world’s worst conflict and crisis zones
  • We work across all sectors, with all types and sizes of organisations to end child abuse
  • All our members are committed to putting child safeguarding at the heart of all they do, and using their networks and influence, ensure that others do the same
  • Our international standards help make sure children have someone to turn to if they are abused, and we can help bring perpetrators to justice

Where we work

Here we showcase some case studies from the five regions we work in:

We are here to help

If your organisation works for and with children, then it is high time to check if you have put rigorous child safeguarding measures in place – starting from the top of the organisation, right down to your field staff and outside suppliers. Prevention, after all, is better than lives destroyed because of abuse.

If you have already used our free self-assessment tool and would like to discuss details of the results with a team member, do get in touch as soon as possible.

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