Corporate partnerships

We work with a range of forward-thinking corporate partners to make significant social and business impacts, letting us create lasting change by promoting better child safeguarding, and ensure that every child has the chance to grow up unharmed. Keeping Children Safe works with foundations, donors, and investors to demand that the organisations they fund, adopt and implement KCS’s child safeguarding standards.

A great example of how your donations make a big difference is the KCS Africa Conference 2020 in Nairobi, held in January, sponsored by the Mastercard Foundation. Because of their generosity, we could make the conference free of charge to smaller and poorer regional charities. The event was heavily oversubscribed – before even any speakers were announced, such is the demand to learn about child safeguarding in Africa. With more funding, further regional events could be held in other parts of the continent, as well as events covering South America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

What you can do

There are many ways in which your company can support our work, from financial donations to event sponsorship:

Financial donations

A corporate donation can be a powerful social investment tool. We’ll work with you to maximise the benefits it brings to your company as well as the projects it supports.

Gifts in kind

Your company can bring about dramatic change for children by donating products or professional expertise. From pro bono legal work to teaching equipment, we need goods and services to help children around the world.


Helping promote and raise awareness of our child safeguarding work to your partners, suppliers and customers can help us achieve significant breakthroughs in the way the world understands the risks many children face. Your voice will also help us speak louder when calling on local, national and international leaders to make decisions that protect children.

Your support matters

Whether you’re a small business wishing to support a specific KCS project, or a larger company looking to give something back, we work with a range of businesses in the UK and worldwide. There are many ways you could help us.

Your company can help make a practical contribution to Keeping Children Safe’s work by providing a financial donation or gift-in-kind. And in return for your company’s generosity in supporting one of our conferences, we would make sure your company’s logo goes on the conference programme for all to see, as well as the conference slides showing you as one of our sponsors. Then again, if you prefer, your donation can remain confidential.

Whatever you chose to do…

We promise you that we will never bombard you with any ‘crisis of the month’ mailings. We keep things simple and personal, with perhaps the occasional update, depending on the project you are supporting. Promise! After all, we want to be partners with you in child safeguarding, not a constant source of irritation always asking for funding.

To find out more about how we could partner, please call +44 (0)20 7250 8325 or email our team, who will be happy to talk to you about options.

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