Keeping Children Safe has extensive experience in conducting high-quality, confidential international safeguarding investigations within a wide variety of different sectors and range of countries. This includes investigating complex and major allegations of abuse, as well as the interrogation of historical cases. All investigations are conducted in a child-focused way to ensure that children’s best interests and safety are paramount.

Our investigative expertise 

Whatever concern you have, no matter how small, we have a team of experts who can help you. To talk in confidence with one of our team members about initiating an investigation, do get in touch today.

Safeguarding practice reviews

You may have already responded to a safeguarding concern, but want to be sure that your response met the highest possible standards. We can help by reviewing your handling of a case to assess if it was in line with current international best practices. If a historical case was not handled in keeping with current international best practices, we can recommend measures to address these gaps.

Keeping Children Safe will support your organisation to use the lessons learned from a safeguarding practice review to help strengthen your organisation’s safeguarding measures by addressing the gaps that were identified. Together, we will develop an improvement plan to ensure that children and/or adults at risk of harm are better protected.

We are here to help

If you would like to know more about investigations or safeguarding practice reviews, talk in confidence to one of our expert team members, by getting in touch today.

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