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Training UN peacekeepers in child safeguarding

The Ministry of National Defence in Uruguay has launched a groundbreaking training guide on safeguarding children from exploitation and abuse in the context of UN peacekeeping missions.The guide,

Congratulating Mother’s Choice!

We would like to congratulate Mother’s Choice on achieving the Keeping Children Safe Level 2 Certification. Mother’s Choice is a Hong Kong-based charity serving the many children without families

Welcome to ERESA Academy

We'd like to welcome the  East Rand Excellent Soccer Academy (ERESA) to the KCS members' network. Sport is a major activity and unifier worldwide. promoting skill development and personal enrichment.

Hello HopeCo

We’d like to say a big welcome to our latest member HopeCo, formerly Teamwork City of Hope, is a faith based organisation that seeks to provide holistic care for transformation, enabling children,

Hola Club Bolívar

A big welcome to Club Bolivar, who have joined the KCS network as a Corporate Member! As the biggest, and most important football club in Bolivia, Club Bolivar has many young fans who look up to the

Van harte welkom Help a Child

We’d like to say a big welcome to our latest full member organisation.Help a Child (Red een Kind) provides a future for children in need, their family, and their entire community. As a Christian

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