It is our mission to help organisations develop and implement measures that prevent abuse happening in the first place. That is why we hosted the Keeping Children Safe 2020 Summit – allowing us to reach a much wider audience of child safeguarding practitioners than ever before.

Sixty-four world-leading experts in child safeguarding came together at our #KCS2020summit to share their insights, experiences, their latest research, and answer questions in Q&A panel discussions.

Subjects covered ranged from keeping children safe in sport, understanding the challenges in UN peacekeeping missions, safeguarding and the law, tackling under-reporting, to implementing child safeguarding in – a donkey sanctuary (yes, this is for real). And all of these talks are now available for you to watch on-demand, until October 2021, when of course we will be holding our next conference with the latest insights and developments.

So, whether you want to immerse yourself deeper in child safeguarding knowledge, get to know leading names and organisations, or broaden your skill-set, register and get on-demand access to all the recordings from today. 

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Besides the learning programmes on this platform, every year we also hold several live events (both offline and online), which offer great opportunities to find out about the latest learnings in child safeguarding, meet the experts, and network with fellow practitioners. To stay updated, do sign up to our newsletter (see below), or follow us on Linkedin.

KCS 2020 Summit Speakers
Shown here are just some or the sixty-four KCS 2020 Summit Speakers

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