Online courses

Our online courses, designed in collaboration with experts from UCL and Brunel University, are facilitated by a team of international child safeguarding practitioners, with decades of experience of working in every region of the world, in organisations of all types and sizes.


The courses, designed for individuals, teams and organisations, offer a mix of self-paced, as well as live, collaborative learning activities, discussion forums, webinars, resources, which include online mentoring from facilitators actively working in the field.

Course participants will be from all over the world, and living in different time zones. That is why we use collaborative tools and resources at set times, so participants can get to know each other and work together sharing experiences and good practices.

Live course

The courses have been developed to be as flexible as possible, yet allow you to share experiences with your fellow participants.

To achieve this, each course unit has a set timeline, consisting of a week of working at your own pace, and ending with a live workshop, followed by a quiz. To get the maximum benefit of this learning experience, each unit should be completed within the set time period. If for some unforeseen reason you are not able to take part at the set times (we all live hectic lives), you can catch up on all workshops and quizzes for a week afterwards.

Your achievement

On completion of the online course, participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement, acknowledging that you have completed the full course, passed all quizzes, and gained an understanding of child safeguarding.

Course structure

Find out how our online courses are structured into units that enable participants to work together and collaborate on interactive boards and live workshops.

Courses for organisations

KCS not only hosts live workshops, but we can also create tailor-made courses for your organisation. For more information, do get in touch with our team who will be able to discuss the options with you.

Active and upcoming courses 

We will soon be posting courses here.

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