Tinna Rós Steinsdóttir

Tinna Rós Steinsdóttir

Independent Review Committee

Tinna Rós Steinsdóttir is an expert in child safeguarding and participation with over 15 years of experience. She has worked as a specialist on child safeguarding with UNICEF, the Council of Europe, and a European children’s rights umbrella organisation, Eurochild.

From an early age Tinna has been involved in the YMCA movement, both in Iceland and globally, where she has worked on child and youth participation, empowerment, and safeguarding. Additionally, she has worked on child safeguarding matters with numerous NGOs, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, and UNICEF National Committees from around the world.

Tinna has vast experience in training and facilitation, and has delivered several training courses on child safeguarding. She has an extensive hands-on experience of working with children, and has facilitated children in everything from local level events to international high-level policy events and projects, as well as facilitating child councils, and served as a mentor to children. She is an experienced speaker on child related matters and is an all-around advocate for children’s rights.

Tinna currently works as an international consultant for child safeguarding and participation.

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