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Anuncio nuestra ‘Cumbre KCS 2021’

Following the success of our Keeping Children Safe 2020 Summit, we are reaching out to all Spanish-speaking child safeguarding practitioners, bringing all together at our ‘Cumbre KCS 2021‘ conference, which will run from 20 to 22 April 2021.

The event will run over three days, and be packed with over 24 child safeguarding experts, sharing their insights, experiences, and latest research. They’ll also be there to answer your questions in the live Q&A panel discussions.

Why you should attend

The sad truth is that every five minutes, a child dies from violence. Every day, in every country, children are abused, beaten, mistreated and more. Too often, the abuser is someone the child knows and trusts. They may even work for an organization aimed at helping boys and girls. A sports club, school, development organization, or peacekeeping mission. But they abuse their power and the trust of children.

Our mission is to help organizations develop and implement measures that prevent abuse in the first place. And to help develop a better understanding of organizational child protection.

Learn, share and connect

The Covid-19 pandemic is far from over. Which is why we all need to adapt and innovate. From how we work, to ensuring children you work with, or for, are protected from abuse. That is why we have set up this massive online conference, tailored specifically for our Spanish-language audience, and designed a rich and varied conference that addresses the child protection issues the organizational sector currently faces.

From how government institutions can implement better child safeguarding standards, challenges and opportunities for organizational child protection in Latin America, through to understanding the challenges in UN peacekeeping missions, and in-field experiences from a diverse range of organizations. This event has it all!


We’d like to reward those keenest to join the event by offering early-bird tickets to all registering before 31 March 2021.

More importantly, this event is free to all organizations whose primary mission is to directly support victims/survivors, as well as KCS Network Member organizations (see below). If your organization is not yet a KCS member, or you are not sure that this is for you, do read more about membership on our website.

For more information about this concession, or any other issues regarding the conference, please contact Juan Diego, our Child Safeguarding Adviser, or Valentina Mirabolano, our Advocacy and Research Project Manager, for more details.

KCS member tickets

As part of the KCS member network package, all our members are entitled to free tickets for each organisation. Just email Juan Diego, our Child Safeguarding Adviser, for more information about getting your entry coupons.

And do tell your partner and affiliate organisations to register too. Child safeguarding is for everybody!

Submit a talk for consideration

If you think you have a talk or content that you’d like to share with our audience, then we’d love to hear from you.

We have some amazing speakers and talks lined up, but there’s always room for one more. If you have content that you think will provide value to our audience, then we’d love to hear from you. 

Use the web form to submit details of your proposed talk. Someone from our team will reach out to you if we feel it will be a good fit. 

No time to wait

Child safeguarding can not wait until the COVID-19 pandemic is over. It is an ongoing challenge, and a threat to the health and future of children. 

So do register today – and be part of our global mission to keep children safe from abuse. 

Your participation matters. Now more than ever.

Spread the message

The time to act is now. The more people take part in #CumbreKCS2021, the more children will be protected from harm. Join the conversation on Twitter or follow us on Linkedin.

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