Becoming a member

By becoming a KCS member organisation, you are joining a powerful network of NGOs and private companies working with children in over 120 countries around the world. From community projects to international organisations, we work across multi-sectors and support them to do all that is possible to ensure that their staff, programmes and operations are safe for children.

So, if your organisation works with, or comes into contact with children, whether it is in a humanitarian crisis, in the classroom, at sport or any other environment that could expose them to risk from abuse, then there simply is no room for not trying harder.

We want to work with you

One size doesn’t fit all. So when you become a KCS member, we really want to get to know your organisation and its unique challenges. Right from your membership application onward, to consultations, audits, and certifications, you will be assigned a specific adviser who will help you to build up your own child safeguarding framework.

Becoming a KCS member also helps your organisation get recognised for its commitment to protecting children. It demonstrates that you are working to monitor and develop your staff’s leadership and culture change.

To get started with your membership application you will already have used our free self-assessment and are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You know that now is the time to act.

Membership levels

For charities, educational institutes and other non-profit organisations we have a not-for-profit members package that can be tailored to the level of engagement you are looking for, and offers a range of activities and support to help you develop best practices.

For corporate members, we have set up a programme that helps you get the best results for your organisation, with the help of a comprehensive training and audit service.

Key benefits

All levels of membership offer access to:

  • Introductory training: A free introductory webinar on child safeguarding tailored to the needs of your organisation and open to all your staff, followed by free webinars on more specific safeguarding issues
  • Network: All of our members and staff get invited to our online Child Safeguarding Community of Practice, where you have access to webinars from previous sessions, as well as being able to share ideas and successes with your peers around the world
  • Workshops: A ten percent discount on capacity building training and workshops for your organisation and/or local partner organisations
  • Support: Ongoing coaching, mentoring and technical advice
  • Events: An invitation to join Keeping Children Safe’s Annual Members’ Conference as well as regional events
  • Expertise: Free access to our safeguarding tools, links to research papers, and resources in English, French, Spanish and Arabic
  • News: Find out what’s happening and keep up with the latest trends and research papers, or sign up to our newsletter.

Click here for more information about our NGO membership and Corporate membership and how to apply.

We’re here to help

If your organisation isn’t yet ready to join the KCS member network, but you are looking for in-depth audit or certification on the work you are doing with children, then do get in touch with one of our international team members and let us know about your organisation’s specific sector requirements and safeguarding challenges.

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