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We’re building something unique: KCS network members comprise a diverse range of organisations and include large not-for-profits with a worldwide presence, smaller, local charities that work in specific regions or with specific groups of children, and others – think tanks, universities, foundations and training providers.

The KCS members’ network is how child safeguarding practitioners can help and support one another. By exchanging skills, experience and resources, our members are building a community of practice that will become more effective and influential as a result of working together. If keeping children safe is your priority, then please do consider joining our community to share ideas and concerns with your peers, and help raise safeguarding standards around the world.

By becoming a KCS member, you are joining a powerful network of organisations working to prevent child abuse in over 120 countries around the world.

Membership falls into two main categories: Network Members and Corporate Members.

Network Members

This level of KCS membership is aimed at not-for-profits, schools, clubs and other organisations that work with, or for children.

Membership offers organisations several benefits, including:

  • A free introductory workshop on child safeguarding tailored to the needs of your organisation and open to all your staff.
  • Guidance on creating a child safeguarding policy and implementation plan to meet International Child Safeguarding Standards.
  • Ongoing coaching, mentoring and technical advice in English, French, or Spanish
  • Free workshops on specific safeguarding issues for all your staff.
  • An invitation to our Members’ Conferences and other online events where you can have access to live talks, Q&A sessions presented by practitioners around the world. You will also be able to catch-up on all recordings of these sessions.
  • Discounted access to collaborative online courses for international child safeguarding practitioners.
  • Discounts on standards and learning services for your organisation.

Aiming higher…

KCS Network Members who want to further develop their child safeguarding commitments can apply for Accredited Member status, and once they have raised their standards, apply to become a Certified Member.

Accredited Members

KCS Network Members can demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding children by applying to become Accredited Members.

KSC will review central level child safeguarding policies and procedures to assess how near or far an organisation is from meeting International Child Safeguarding Standards. If satisfactory evidence is provided, the organisation will be awarded Accredited Member status and the right to use the KCS Accredited Member logo on all their communications.

Certified Members

Member organisations that meet the quality assurance requirements of the KCS Certification Scheme will be awarded Certified Member status.

This rigorous 10-stage process offers external verification by practitioners that child safeguarding measures are ‘fit for purpose’ and the right to use the KCS Certified Member logo, a visible symbol of quality performance in child safeguarding.

Certified Membership includes all other member benefits, your profile and logo are also featured on our website.

Membership Fees

The annual membership fee for KCS members is listed below. The fees are dependent on your organisation’s annual income.

To become an Accredited Member, please apply first to become a Network Member in the form below.

Certified Membership fees can vary, as every certification process is tailor-made.

Membership types< £50k£50k – £500k£500k – £1 Mil£1 Mil – £5 Mil£5 Mil – £25 Mil> £25 Mil
Network Members0£200£300£500£700£1,500
Accredited Members0£300£600£1,000£2,100£3,100

Corporate Members

We have a proven track record of working with forward-thinking corporations, which help make a significant impact in promoting our International Child Safeguarding Standards. Your support will directly help our work, as well as helping your organisation do all it can to protect children from harm, no matter if your company works with children, or not.

Keeping Children Safe offers two types of corporate membership:

Corporations working with or for children

Membership starts at £10,000.

In addition to the member benefits above, corporate membership includes:

  • A specialised technical assessment of your child safeguarding measures.
  • Three days of free consultancy on creating a child safeguarding policy and implementation plan to meet International Child Safeguarding Standards
  • When held, an invitation to a high-level network reception with leaders from around the world.
  • Branding and sponsorship opportunities.

Corporations that do not work with or for children

Membership starts at £25,000.

In addition to the member benefits above, and the additional corporate member benefits, your membership includes:

  • Your brand placed on our website as a patron of Keeping Children Safe.
  • Your brand placed on all regional, national, and international training events as a patron of Keeping Children Safe.
  • A meeting with the CEO or Co-Chair of the Board to ascertain how we can further help bring exposure to your brand and your support for Keeping Children Safe.

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We’re here to help

If your organisation isn’t yet ready to join the KCS member network, but you are looking for an in-depth audit or certification on the work you are doing with children, then do get in touch with one of our international team members and let us know about your organisation’s specific sector requirements and safeguarding challenges.

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