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Technical assistance to States

Independent, evidence-based and tailored support.

A group of people gathers around a table, checking notes during a working session on technical assistance to States.

Our Child Safeguarding Technical Assistance Programme offers tailored support to States to develop, implement, and enhance child safeguarding measures in their jurisdiction. 

Safer environments for children

Our assistance helps create a safer environment for children, reducing the risk of harm and abuse. 

Legal and ethical compliance

Demonstrate commitment to child safeguarding in accordance with the International Child Safeguarding Standards and local legislation. 

Enhancing community trust

Robust child safeguarding practices enhance trust between communities and governments. 

Legislation, policy and strategy development and strengthening

We help create robust child safeguarding laws, policies and practices in line with International Child Safeguarding Standards, national legislation and aligned with development strategies.

Training, mentoring and technical assistance

Our training programs empower policy makers, government officials, social workers, educators, and other stakeholders with the knowledge and skills needed to keep children safe.

Audits, reviews and assessments

To identify gaps and offer guidance on areas that require improvement. 

Community engagement

We help governments engage with communities, caregivers, and children themselves to ensure that safeguarding efforts are well understood and supported at the local level.

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