Why fund our work

Around the world, abusers exploit child safeguarding gaps in organisations to target the most vulnerable children – children without families, disabled children, children living in poverty or fleeing conflicts or crises.

But, you can help us stop child abuse from happening. 

With your support, we can close these child safeguarding gaps in organisations, giving every child in their care the chance to grow up safe.

Your support matters

As an independent not-for-profit, we need the generous help of people like you.

For more than twenty years we have been helping to build safer organisations in every region of the world. But, the sad truth is that there is still a lot of work to be done

  • In conflicts and crises across the world, humanitarian staff and peacekeeping personnel have subjected children to rape, trafficking, violence and abuse, demanding sex for the basics of survival – food, shelter, education and medicine
  • In sport, children have been subjected to all forms of abuse and violence including undue pressure to achieve high performance, sexual harassment and assaults, to child labour and trafficking
  • In schools, hundreds of millions of children are harassed and abused with girls being particularly at risk
  • In alternative care, children have faced systematic rape and sexual abuse; exploitation, including trafficking; physical violence; and psychological harm including isolation, the denial of affection and humiliating discipline
  • Around the world, abusers can and do exploit gaps in an organisation’s safeguarding framework.  In some cases, they actually set up organisations or work to infiltrate trusted institutions in order to access children to abuse, in others they simply take advantage of the extreme imbalance of power.

Make a difference

Children around the world are relying on passionate and dedicated individuals like you, with foresight and a belief in protecting children from abuse, to invest in our work.

Your generous support will help us to:

  • close safeguarding gaps in even more organisations around the world.
  • help make sure children have someone to turn to if they are abused.
  • train more staff to prevent abuse.
  • help stop abusers and bring them to justice.
  • empower children and families to understand child abuse in organisations and what needs to be done to stop it.

Whichever way you choose to give, your money will be making a real difference to children around the world. The important thing is not to delay. Please give today and help our work to close those child safeguarding gaps, and prevent abuse from happening.

Together we can end the cycle of abuse.

Thank you for your support!

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