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Keeping Children Safe’s certification scheme is for all organisations that work with, or come into contact with children. Our certification process, based on the International Child Safeguarding Standards, is the most effective way to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to protecting children from harm and exploitation.

Certified organisations

In these challenging times certification matters more than ever. Which is why we are seeing a surge in organisations wishing to work with KCS to achieve certification – which brings a range of benefits. Above all, certification demonstrates to donors and partners, as well as the public, your organisation’s commitment and competence in the area of child safeguarding.  

Among the growing list of organisations been awarded KCS Level 1 Certification are SOS Children’s Villages, the Donkey Sanctuary and Tearfund. The higher and much more challenging KCS Level 2 Certification was achieved in 2020 by The American School in Japan.

Why certification?

Show your commitment to tackling child abuse. Certification brings a range of benefits, including:

  • External verification by experts that child safeguarding measures are ‘fit for purpose’
  • Award of the internationally recognised KCS kite mark, a visible symbol of quality performance in child safeguarding
  • Demonstrating to donors, partners and the public, commitment and competence in the area of child safeguarding
  • Support and standards that will increase the quality, effectiveness and accountability of other areas of organisational work

What certification?

There are two levels of certification, starting with Level 1, and going up to Level 2.

  • Level 1 Certification (online) ensures that your organisation has an effective child safeguarding framework in place.
  • Level 2 Certification (site visits) ensures that your organisation is implementing its child safeguarding policy and procedures. This certification is awarded with the KCS kite mark

The certification process

The Certification process is made up of 10 steps, and the certificate itself is valid for three years:

  1. Application and eligibility: KCS will assess whether your organisation is eligible and, if successful, an auditor is assigned to support/guide you through the process. KCS evaluates the scope of the work, sends a proposal with costs, activities and timescale, and signs an agreement with you to progress the project
  2. Self-assessment: you are asked to complete a standard form that measures your progress and provides supporting evidence of the steps you have taken against each of the KCS safeguarding standards
  3. Evidence check: KCS reviews the self-assessment and follows up with comments and interviews (conducted remotely)
  4. Level 1 certification: is awarded by KSC and if unsuccessful, we recommend an improvement plan to prepare your organisation for re-submission. If successful, we share a report with conclusions and recommendations towards achieving Level 2 certification
  5. Application for Certification Level 2: follows a similar assessment process as Level 1
  6. Audit visit: We conduct audit visit/s to your head office and sub-offices if needed, after which we produce a detailed report and recommendation that is presented to the KCS Certification Panel
  7. Certification panel assessment: will determine whether or not your organisation should be awarded full (Level 2) certification
  8. Level 2 certification met: KCS’s recommendation is reviewed and approved by our Independent Review Panel
  9. Level 2 certification not met: KCS works with you to develop an improvement plan based on the  outcomes and recommendations of the audit
  10. Certification Level 2 is awarded

We are here to help

To find out if your organisation is doing all it can to keep children safe, start by using our free self-assessment tool that will help you to discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Or, for more advice and information on how we can help you, please do get in touch with our team today.

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