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Selamat datang ke AsiaCMS

A big welcome to Asia Collaborative Mission Services (AsiaCMS) who have joined our global network.

AsiaCMS is a trans-denominational mission based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and works across Asia through partner organisations in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. AsiaCMS is associated with the Church Mission Society and its global network.

AsiaCMS’s mission is to spearhead initiatives in building national capacity and providing leadership in critical spheres. These include building theological and leadership capacity, reaching least-reached people groups, church planting, engagement with the rural and urban poor through community development, education and ministry thrusts in the areas of child protection, peace and reconciliation, and drug rehabilitation.

As always, we like to post a news story about new members, in their own words,  and promote the organisation amongst the KCS network and online following.

By Angela Carreno, Executive Director:

What made you decide to join the KCS members network? 

AsiaCMS is a mission organisation and upholds the value of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults throughout all our activities. We also intend on modelling safeguarding practices amongst those AsiaCMS works with and other faith-based institutions. With this vision in mind, it will be helpful to network with other organisations and learn best practices through the exchange of knowledge so that we will be able to contextualize a model for other mission organisation/faith-based institutions. The partnership with KCF will also be helpful for AsiaCMS to gain further knowledge on best practices in the area of safeguarding.

What is your key driver to implementing child safeguarding? 

AsiaCMS being a faith-based organisation upholds the biblical values of safeguarding. We also believe that it is our responsibility in ensuring the rights and safety of whom we are working with. We envision safeguarding principles to be a part of our culture as well as an implemented process rather than a mere document.

Where do you think your organisation will be regarding child safeguarding in a year?

AsiaCMS has drafted the safeguarding policy and is in the process of rolling out the implementation plan. By the end of this year, all individuals who are a part of AsiaCMS will be given the initial training and would sign the policy and code of conduct.

What message do you want to tell your staff, donors and the wider world?

AsiaCMS is committed to safeguarding Children and Adults-at-risk from abuse, harm and exploitation. The safeguarding policy and procedures is an expression of the commitment of ACMS in upholding the rights of children and adults at risk by ensuring an environment safe from abuse, harm and exploitation.


Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/asiacms.net


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