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Path to Prosper joins our network

We’d like to welcome Path to Prosper to our network.

Path to Prosper is a small charity based in Bududa, Uganda. They operate in an area of extreme poverty where there is little or no funding for tertiary education. They support young adults to access tertiary education/professional training. Currently, they have 5 students attending a vocational college and one student attending university. They aim to increase this number by the end of 2022 by 10-15 students.

They have been operating as Path to Prosper since January 2021, prior to this the organisation was operating as The Shelo Foundation, which reached 300 children over a 10-year period and supported primary, secondary and tertiary education. Due to a growing need to support professional training with limited finances they made the decision to focus on tertiary education in 2020 and the rebrand of the charity followed this decision.

Path to Prosper’s team of 7 Trustees is based in the UK, with 1 Trustee in Kenya, while 2 staff members are based in Uganda.

Path to Prosper’s Instagram handle is: pathtoprospercharity

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