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Welcoming Rosa Care Organisation to the Keeping Children Safe Network

We are delighted to introduce the newest member of the Keeping Children Safe network: Rosa Care Organisation. Operating in Zimbabwe, Rosa Care Organisation has dedicated itself to empowering vulnerable groups, including women, girls, individuals with disabilities, and orphaned children, to lead the lives they choose and to each their full potential. 

Rosa Care Organisation’s vision is to challenge and change societal attitudes, fostering a fair and inclusive society where every child has equal opportunities to thrive. Their mission is to provide services that empower these vulnerable groups while also empowering communities with information and resources. 

A Motto that Resonates

At the heart of their work is the motto, ‘Touch a life and mend a heart.’ Rosa Care Organisation believes in leaving a lasting imprint on a child’s life, not only changing how they perceive themselves and the world but also influencing the lives of future generations. 

Education Initiatives

Rosa Care Organisation manages a diverse range of projects, including education, healthcare, support for people with disabilities and community development. In the education sector, they oversee over 20 projects in Zimbabwe’s Mashonaland East province. These initiatives, conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, provide critical educational support to orphans and vulnerable children. One notable project focuses on raising awareness about water and sanitation, incorporating sustainable technologies and benefiting thousands of children. 

Healthcare and Community Development

In healthcare, Rosa Care Organisation supports older people, builds clinics, raises health awareness and implements government health programs. They place particular emphasis on health and sanitation concerns, with a focus on women and children in rural areas. 

A Commitment to Child Safeguarding

The commitment of Rosa Care Organisation to child safeguarding strongly aligns with our mission at Keeping Children Safe. Together, we aim to reach Strategic Development Goal target 16.2, which seeks to protect millions of children’s lives and promote progress across the entire 2030 Agenda. By fostering a safer world for children, we can collectively create brighter futures. 

As Rosa Care Organisation joins our network, we eagerly anticipate collaborating on child safeguarding initiatives, sharing knowledge and working hand-in-hand to promote children’s wellbeing. 

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