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Thank you for your donation

Thank you for making a difference!

Details of your donation have been emailed to the address you provided. Your donation will start helping change lives today.

Support from amazing people like you means we can help – and keep helping – millions of children around the world stay safe from abuse. From building safe reporting systems for children to helping organisations close their child safeguarding gaps, we will ensure we spend your gift wisely, with the maximum impact for the children that need the most protection.

Thank you again. We couldn’t do it without you!

With best wishes

Sarah Blakemore,
Chief Executive at Keeping Children Safe

Monthly donations

If you haven’t yet done so, have you considered that when you set up a regular donation to KCS, you become part of that long-term work to keep the world’s most vulnerable children safe from abuse?

For example, by donating £55 each month, you could help us build safe reporting systems for children or equip safeguarding professionals with the skills needed to spot perpetrators. This means that children in even the most remote places can stay safe.

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