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We’d like to say a big hello to Fida International, which has joined the global KCS members’ network.

Fida is a Finnish faith-based organisation working in global missions, community development and humanitarian aid in 50 countries. They aim to bring hope and a better future to all nations – especially to children living in poverty. The organisation works in close cooperation with church partners and other non-governmental organisations and partners. Their community development programmes in 15 countries are funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Together with their partners, they aim to bring sustainable development and transformation that gives marginalised, unreached people the strength to overcome hopelessness, eradicate poverty and transform their communities. Their focus is especially on improving the rights of vulnerable children. 

As always, we welcome their comment on why they decided to join the global KCS members’ network, in their own words:

What is your key driver in your ambition to implement child safeguarding?

Our key driver in implementing child safeguarding is to keep children, the most vulnerable, that come into contact with our programs globally safe from harm. We uphold the Do No Harm principle in all we do.

What made you decide to join the KCS members’ network?

Fida is interested in networking and gaining expertise from other active actors who are involved in maintaining international standards for protecting and safeguarding children. We want to learn and grow in our ability to better safeguard children in all we do.

Where do you think your organisation will be regarding child safeguarding in a year?

Fida will have a higher standard of child safeguarding in our organisation and our partner organisations. Our policies and procedures will be explicit and implemented throughout the organisation. According to our plans and defined targets, our safeguarding framework (policies and guidelines) will be trained and implemented in all our country programs.

What message do you want to tell your staff, donors, and the wider world?

We know that keeping children safe and upholding children’s right to be protected from harm is everyone’s responsibility. Fida International is committed to upholding safeguarding standards in Finland and abroad.

Fida is also on social media:

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