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Conference on children’s participation in safeguarding

From 6 to 8 September 2022, Keeping Children Safe is hosting the first global online conference on Child Participation in Safeguarding. This is a unique platform for practitioners, children and youth to share best practices, resources, challenges and successful experiences on how children and young people can participate in developing child safeguarding measures.

Why this summit?

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) not only includes the right for children to be protected from violence, it means that children have the right to have their opinions taken into account in matters that affect them, including the development of child safeguarding measures.

All organisations have the responsibility to protect children and while the majority do everything they can to keep them safe, too many still have critical gaps in child safeguarding – putting children at risk of harm. From design to implementation and accountability of safeguarding measures, consulting with children is crucial to ensure robust child safeguarding frameworks are in place. For example, to identify risks, develop safeguarding policies and monitor their implementation.

Join us online

Register today and benefit from access to tools, resources and the latest research as well as opportunities to network, and share challenges and solutions with child safeguarding practitioners around the world. This three-day programme has been developed in coordination with our exceptional organising committee comprised of Arigatou International, ChildFund Alliance, Hintalovon, Kids Alive International, SOS Children’s Villages International, Students and Youths Empowerment Forum, Terre des Hommes, Villages of Hope Africa and WePROTECT.

The event will remain available online to view on-demand, and a summary document will be published shortly.

KCS member organisations can apply for free entry, and we will also offer free access to small partner organisations, working in conflict and crisis zones or those that support victims and survivors. Click here for more information on KCS Network Membership and who our members are.

Keeping Children Safe mission is to end child abuse in all organisations, and for every child to grow up safe and free from abuse, exploitation and neglect.

To find out if your organisation is doing all it can to keep children safe, start by using our free self-assessment tool which will help you discover your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, or get in touch with our team for advice and more information on how we can help you.

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