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Welcoming The Dihya Foundation to Our Global Network: Protecting Health Rights for Girls

We are delighted to announce that The Dihya Foundation has joined our global network at Keeping Children Safe!  

The Dihya Foundation, a non-governmental organisation based in Nigeria, focuses on the health and well-being of women, particularly in the area of female reproductive health care. Their core objectives revolve around awareness and education on family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, and other reproductive health hazards. They firmly believe that by empowering girls and women with information, resources, and education, they can fulfill their potential without fear of unforeseen reproductive health issues. 

One of The Dihya Foundation’s key projects is the Grassroots Project, which targets teenage girls aged 13-16 in rural areas and schools. Through this initiative, they provide essential education and empowerment, ensuring that girls don’t miss a day of schooling due to their periods and poor economic conditions.  

At The Dihya Foundation, the vision is clear—a world where every woman has the freedom to make reproductive health choices without fear of judgment or adverse circumstances. Their dedication to protecting and nurturing the well-being of girls and women drives their actions. They believe that safeguarding children is not just a duty but a moral imperative, and they are committed to creating a world where children can thrive and grow to their full potential. 

Joining Keeping Children Safe as a member demonstrates The Dihya Foundation’s strong commitment to child safeguarding. By collaborating with our global network, they will actively contribute to our mission of creating a safe environment for children and making the world a better place, one girl at a time. 

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