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Team Work Afrika: joining hands for child safeguarding

We are thrilled to welcome Team Work Afrika as the newest member of the Keeping Children Safe network. Team Work Afrika’s mission and commitment to promoting child safeguarding and empowering vulnerable children resonate deeply with our vision of a world where every child is safe, protected and allowed to thrive. 

Team Work Afrika’s mission revolves around promoting the education of orphans and vulnerable children while advocating for their rights and participation in decisions affecting their lives. Their vision is clear: to establish and maintain developmental programmes that enhance children’s development and well-being in Uganda. 

Joining the Keeping Children Safe Network

Team Work Afrika’s motivation in joining our network lies in their desire to collaborate in the fight against child abuse. They are driven by a deep commitment to providing children with confidence, meeting their needs, and upholding their rights. By joining the KCS network, they aim to widen their areas of coverage and bridge the gaps that perpetrators exploit to abuse children. 

A Vision for the Future 

In the coming year, Team Work Afrika aims to become a key organisation in Uganda, making significant strides in reducing child abuse and gender-based violence. Their plans include resource and community mobilisation, focused training and sensitisation programmes, innovative interventions, capacity building through education and life skills training – especially about  victims of child abuse and domestic violence – as well as partnering with stakeholders and engaging the government to implement existing children’s laws. 

Together, we can create a safer and brighter future for all children, where they can thrive, grow and fulfil their potential. 

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