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Fe y Alegría joins the child safeguarding movement: a global commitment to quality education

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to Fe y Alegría, a prominent international movement of popular education and social promotion, as they join the global network of Keeping Children Safe.

Operating in 22 countries, particularly in areas of profound exclusion, the movement works diligently to uphold and defend the universal right to quality education, even in the face of educational emergencies.

Fe y Alegría’s decision to become a member of the Keeping Children Safe network stems from a deep-seated commitment to making visible their practices and actions. By joining forces, we aim to contribute significantly to narrowing the gaps in child safeguarding. Moreover, the organisation seeks to fortify its actions by learning from the experiences of other like-minded entities within the network.

Child safeguarding: a critical objective

Fe y Alegría recognises the critical importance of creating safe and caring spaces within educational centres to prevent any form of mistreatment. The implementation of child safeguarding measures is a proactive response guided by the Federation’s leadership and endorsed by the Board of Directors, the General Coordinator, and the International Commission for Protection Against Abuse.

In alignment with this, Fe y Alegría is committed to intensifying efforts to implement the Federation Policy for Safeguarding Against Abuse. This commitment spans international, national and center levels, emphasising a comprehensive approach to child safeguarding.

As Fe y Alegría joins the Keeping Children Safe network, a powerful synergy emerges — a shared vision for a world where every child is not only granted access to quality education but is also protected from harm. Together, we embark on a journey to create safer spaces for children, ensuring their holistic development in an atmosphere free from mistreatment.

The Keeping Children Safe family extends its arms to Fe y Alegría, embracing the collaborative efforts that will undoubtedly shape a brighter and more secure future for children worldwide. 

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