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A group of children sitting in grass.

Keeping Children Safe welcomes Future Focus Foundation to our Child Safeguarding Global Network 

Keeping Children Safe proudly welcomes Future Focus Foundation (FFF) into its network of organisations dedicated to promoting International Child Safeguarding Standards. Founded in Sierra Leone in 2008, Future Focus Foundation has been a beacon of hope for children, young people and women in deprived communities. 

FFF’s commitment to social justice and Human Rights 

Future Focus Foundation’s journey began over a decade ago with a mission to promote social justice and human rights, bringing hope to marginalised communities through advocacy and sustainable livelihood initiatives. Their community-led approach focuses on identifying and empowering the most vulnerable individuals, particularly children with specific care needs and at-risk youth. 

Why join our network? 

For Future Focus Foundation, joining the Keeping Children Safe network was a natural progression in their commitment to child safeguarding and their desire to promote safeguarding ideals, share learning and enhance their capacity to protect children effectively. 

As FFF continues its impactful work in Eastern and Southern Sierra Leone, its aim in partnering with Keeping Children Safe is to strengthen its safeguarding practices and contribute meaningfully to community development. Looking ahead, Future Focus Foundation envisions a future where every child is protected, empowered and allowed to thrive. Through ongoing training and collaboration with KCS, FFF aims to increase recognition and quality skills in child safeguarding, ensuring a safer environment for children within and outside the organisation. 

As Keeping Children Safe welcomes Future Focus Foundation into our network, we celebrate the collective effort to empower communities and protect children’s rights, fostering a brighter future for generations to come. We are working to build a world where every child is safe, supported and given the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

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