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Sponsoring KCS events

This year, from 22 to 22 April we are hosting our first-ever Spanish-language child safeguarding summit – the Cumbre Keeping Children Safe 2021.

The event will cover a wide range of child safeguarding topics such as UN Peacekeeping, disability, community development to sport.

Over 40 speakers will share their knowledge, experiences, the latest research, innovative ways to develop and implement child safeguarding, and face current and future challenges.

About KCS

Keeping Children Safe is an independent not-for-profit. We set out internationally recognised child safeguarding standards that ensure all organisations working directly for and with children have comprehensive safeguarding measures in place. Our independence means that our standards and advice are not influenced by any other organisation or government.

Sponsorship matters

As a small organisation, we seek to maximize our efforts to help organisations ensure the children in their care are safe from abuse and exploitation.

Together with the help of sponsoring partners we can help more organisations develop a better knowledge of child safeguarding.

Sponsorship helps us to:

  • have greater impact, by letting is reach a bigger audience;
  • make the event more accessible by providing discounted access to those working for small organisations in low income countries;
  • offer free access to organisations who actively work for and support victims and survivors of abuse and violence;
  • spread the word, and raise awareness on the key child safeguarding issues being discussed.


Our generous sponsor

Aldeas Infantiles SOS España, in line with its commitment to child safeguarding, has become our sponsoring partner for the #CumbreKCS2021. Here they tell us what led them to support our event:

For Aldeas Infantiles SOS España, offering quality care in safe family environments in line with the guidelines on alternative care modalities, ensures the safety and protection of children in all areas and spaces where they live, and interact with our organisation.

As a leading organisation in the care, and protection of children in Spain, we are committed to the promotion of a child safeguarding in our organisation, and strongly condemn any abuse.

A message from Pedro Puig, President, Aldeas Infantiles SOS España

“Aldeas Infantiles SOS España is proud to sponsor the #CumbreKCS2021, an Ibero-American Summit on Child Safeguarding. We are convinced that with the exchange of experiences, knowledge and concerns we will have fairer, less violent and more inclusive societies.

The main objective of our entity is to ensure the good treatment of children, designing preventive strategies and acting in situations that put the quality of care in family settings at risk.

In times of pandemic we must be very vigilant so that safeguarding incidents do not occur. Sharing this concern and seeking joint solutions would amply justify support for this magnificent initiative.

An open and collaborative dialogue with key actors: governments, children’s organisations, companies, and society in general, will help find solutions and strategies that offer the best care to vulnerable children. No boy or girl should be left behind”



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