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Welcome to ‘Work with Perpetrators’

We’d like to say a big hello to our latest member organisation, the European Network for Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (WWP EN).

WWP EN is a membership association of organisations directly or indirectly working with people who perpetrate violence in close relationships. The main focus of the organisation is violence perpetrated by men against women and children. Their overall mission is to prevent violence in close relationships as a gender-based phenomenon and to foster gender equality. More specifically, they aim to improve the safety of women and their children and others at risk from violence in close relationships, through the promotion of effective work with those who perpetrate this violence.

As always, we like to post a news story about new members, and promote the organisation amongst the KCS network and online following.

By Lorna Cannon, Communications Manager, and Sandra Jovanović Belotić, Training and Capacity Building Manager, at WWP EN:

What made you decide to join the KCS members’network?
WWP EN was motivated to become a member of the KCS Network because of its high standards and quality work around child safety. Being a member of this network will give us the chance to gain valuable input on issues surrounding child safety, which we – and our members – can use to improve child protection policies​ and practices in perpetrator programmes.

What is your key driver to implement child safeguarding?
Millions of children across the globe are exposed to domestic violence, facing severe consequences. However, all too often children are left out of the conversation on ​domestic violence and perpetrator work. We want to shift this conversation to shed a light on child safety and bring it to the centre of everything we do.

Where do you think your organisation will be regarding child safeguarding in a year?Cooperation with the KCS Network brings us much closer to achieving our goals and we believe that within a year we will be able to initiate much-needed change in this field and provide guidance for perpetrator programmes on child-centred perpetrator work.

What message do you want to tell your staff, donors and the wider world?
Our message as a new member of this network is that the work of perpetrator programmes affects the lives of children, therefore their needs must come first. We must make them more visible and safer in all our interventions.’

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