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Welcome CYPLP

We’d like to welcome another new member to the KCS global network: Children and Young People Living for Peace (CYPLP) is a Pan-African, voluntary, youth-focused, loose membership association in Nigeria, with chapters across Africa. They co-design, co-create and co-execute innovative, home-grown solutions to local challenges driven by locals in vulnerable communities.

In their own words, we asked them to tell us why they chose to join KCS’s global members’ network:

 What made you decide to join the KCS as a member? 

What made us join KCS is our keen interest in meeting like minds, to learn, share experience and build synergy for amplified voice in child safeguarding.

 What is the key driver in your ambition to implement child safeguarding?

The key driver in our ambition to implement child safeguarding is an anchor on safeguarding a child is human rights. We want to see measures put in place at homes, schools, workplaces, worship centre, recreational and public places that guarantee child safeguarding. Advocate and influence the formation of child safeguarding policies at the local, national, regional and international tables of discussions, push for reforms and shift that will have the child’s best interest at heart at all times. Exemplify no matter how hard to practice what we preach at our homes and workplace going forward.

What message do you want to tell your staff, donors and the wider world?

The message we want to share with our staff, donors and people all over the world is that safeguarding is in the interest of the whole society.

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