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New online course: Safeguarding children in peacekeeping

Keeping Children Safe and the University of Reading have developed an online introductory course based on evidence from a five-year research project on how to safeguard children in peacekeeping operations.

The launch will take place at a hybrid event hosted by the United Nations Office of the Victims’ Rights Advocate on Wednesday, 15 March 2023, from 10 am to 12 pm (GMT -4) at Conference Room 8, UNHQ in New York, USA. 

It was coproduced with the advice of military advisers, serving personnel, legal scholars, safeguarding practitioners and communities affected by peacekeeping operations and based on five years of research in Brazil, Liberia, Haiti Uruguay, Argentina and Ghana. It will provide an introduction to responsibilities, relevant theory and examples of good practices to help participants understand how to better safeguard children from abuse and exploitation in the context of peacekeeping. It will be available in English and Spanish.  

Register to attend the course launch in person or online: https://bit.ly/CSandPeacekeeping-15March2023

Interested in this topic? Further reading: the research paper on Safeguarding Children in Conflict and Crisis, by KCS (2020). Or make the most of our selected resources on safeguarding children in peacekeeping.

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