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Expanding our Global Network: Welcoming VVCYF to Keeping Children Safe

We are thrilled to announce that VVCYF, a non-profit organisation based in Kibaha District, Tanzania, has become a member of our global network at Keeping Children Safe. With shared values and a common goal of promoting International Child Safeguarding Standards, VVCYF brings valuable expertise and dedication to our network. 

VVCYF initially started with the aim of finding qualified individuals who would align with their organisational objectives and help bring happiness to children. Recognising that children’s happiness is hindered by the lack of security and basic needs, they have made it their mission to invest in possibilities to solve this problem. 

In their quest for knowledge and a platform to expand their experience, VVCYF discovered Keeping Children Safe (KCS) and recognised the potential of learning from KCS and leveraging the network to deepen their understanding of child safeguarding and enhance their expertise in serving children. 

The vision that drives VVCYF is rooted in creating a safe environment where children and youth can grow physically, mentally, and psychologically protected. They firmly believe that by safeguarding children today, and ensuring they have access to essential services beyond their basic schooling, we are also ensuring a secure and better future for all. 

As VVCYF joins our global network, we are excited to collaborate and work hand in hand to reach as many children as possible, rescuing them from all forms of harassment and providing them with the support they need to thrive – and build a brighter future for children in Tanzania and beyond. 

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