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Empowering Young People to Become Leaders: A Chance In Life joins the KCS Network

We are thrilled to announce that A Chance In Life has joined our global network at Keeping Children Safe! Since 1945, A Chance In Life has been making a significant difference in the lives of at-risk children and youth worldwide, working in collaboration with local organisations to offer a chance in life to those who need it most. 

At A Chance In Life, their mission is to empower at-risk young people with education, healthcare, comprehensive support services, and leadership development training—a powerful combination known as Positive Youth Development. Through their tireless efforts, they are creating positive changes in their lives, breaking the cycle of poverty, and providing tools and resources for young people to succeed. 

Their vision is a world where every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, has equal opportunities to thrive, realise their potential, and become leaders in their communities. However, they also recognise the vulnerability of children from marginalised communities, making offering them safe spaces for development their number one priority.  

Their key driver in implementing child safeguarding is the understanding that providing access to basic services for at-risk children and youth is not enough. They recognise the importance of offering a safe environment for these young individuals to learn and grow, enabling them to achieve their full potential. 

We extend our warmest welcome to A Chance In Life and look forward to collaborating with them to create a brighter and safer future for children worldwide. 

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