Free child safeguarding workshops launched

We all know that child safeguarding needs to be put at the heart of every organisation’s mission. That is why one of KCS’s main goals is to support organisations with small budgets, and those supporting victims and survivors, or which operate in conflict and crisis situations.

For these organisations, KCS pledges to offer not only free membership to our global network but your team will also be entitled to access our online courses and conferences for free. So, if your organisation works with, or for children, and is not yet a member of the KCS network, now is the time to register and become part of a global members’ network!

Free online workshops

Even if you do not join the KCS members’ network, or don’t work in any organisation, we also offer FREE online workshops aimed at anybody who wants to get an introduction to child safeguarding. After all, the more people know about it, there more children will be safe from abuse.

We have a team of child safeguarding practitioners with international training experience, strategically located in different parts of the world. Each of the workshops they present will be about 1.5 hours long, presented in either English, French or Spanish. You can register for these workshops by going to the workshops page and registering for the workshop you are interested in taking part in. Please note, there is a capacity limit, so do be sure to book early!

Workshop content

These workshops are tailored to enable participants to understand why child safeguarding in organisations that work for, or with children is so important.

Some key concepts will be clarified, including defining who is a child, what is child abuse and what is child safeguarding. Before participants dive further into the subject, they will learn the important difference between child safeguarding and child protection, as well as the difference between child safeguarding and protection against sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA).

The workshop will also cover the guiding principles of child safeguarding, as well as a brief introduction to the international child safeguarding standards. Some time will be allocated for a Q&A session, where the facilitator will answer questions raised by participants.

Workshops presented by

These introductory workshops will be presented by members of the KCS team:

  • Romeo Essou, Child Safeguarding Network Coordinator, will present both English and French workshops for the European time zone.
  • Vijay Baskar, Senior Child Safeguarding Adviser, will present in English to our Asian audience.
  • Juan Diego Oquendo, Child Safeguarding Adviser, is delivering his workshop in Spanish for the American time zone.

Register today

As mentioned, there is a capacity limit, so do be sure to book early! Register today by going to the workshops page and registering for the workshop you are interested in taking part in.


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