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A joyful group of children posing happily for a photograph.

Console Mission joins hands with Keeping Children Safe for a safer tomorrow for every child 

Keeping Children Safe proudly welcomes Console Mission into its global network. Established in Nepal in 2010, Console Mission has been a stalwart community-based organisation, particularly active in education, public health and sustainable development.  Also known as Dilasa Abhiyan, it has been a beacon of hope since its founding. Their projects on literacy and sustainable education […]

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Welcome CYPLP

We’d like to welcome another new member to the KCS global network: Children and Young People Living for Peace (CYPLP) is a Pan-African, voluntary, youth-focused, loose membership association in Nigeria, with chapters across Africa. They co-design, co-create and co-execute innovative, home-grown solutions to local challenges driven by locals in vulnerable communities. In their own words, we

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Namaste RATI

A big welcome to our latest member organisation, the RATI* Foundation for Social Change in Mumbai, which works to create safe spaces and communities both online and offline for children and women. To achieve this, they develop and implement a variety of strategies, such as providing on-ground victim support, working on digital safety, strengthening child

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Hei Fida International

We’d like to say a big hello to Fida International, which has joined the global KCS members’ network. Fida is a Finnish faith-based organisation working in global missions, community development and humanitarian aid in 50 countries. They aim to bring hope and a better future to all nations – especially to children living in poverty.

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Bienvenue à l’EME-RDC

We’d like to welcome Espérance Mères et Enfants (EME-RDC) to the KCS members’ network. Based in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Kivu province, the organisation is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation created in 2016. Its main areas of intervention are child protection and gender. EME-RDC works to raise awareness about women’s

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Hello to Bethany Global

We’d like to welcome Bethany Global to the KCS members’ network. Bethany believes that children thrive in loving homes, families thrive in supportive communities, and communities thrive when strong families are their foundation. But families around the world face unique challenges: poverty, violence, and instability. Through education, advocacy, empowerment, and direct care, Bethany strengthens vulnerable children

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Benvenuto a Specchio Magico

We’d like to welcome Specchio Magico Cooperativa Sociale Onlus to the KCS members’ network. Specchio Magico (SM), which translates as Magic Mirror, is an Italian organisation that works with schools and children in developing new techniques that help improve knowledge and life skills. The organisation is also very well-known for the development and implementation of educational

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Hello Good Neighbors

We’d like to welcome Good Neighbors to the KCS members’ network. Good Neighbors exists to make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony. The organisation fosters respect for the human rights of our neighbours suffering from poverty, disasters and oppression, helps them to achieve self-reliance and enable them to rebuild hope.

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Great to have Good Neighbors!

We’d like to welcome Good Neighbors Global Partnership Center to the KCS members’ network. Good Neighbors is an international humanitarian development NGO founded in Korea in 1991 to make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony. Currently, the organisation works in 192 communities in 48 countries, with a focus on

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