Congratulations to Terre Des Hommes

We're pleased to announce the successful re-certification to Level 1 of the Terre Des Hommes International Federation (TDH), a Full Member of the KCS network. This means they have effective

Welcome to the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

We are excited to welcome the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT) to the KCS members’ network. QCT is a growing network of young change-makers across the Commonwealth. Its platform is a place where smart

Welcome to the Time + Tide Foundation

We are excited to welcome Time + Tide to the KCS members’ network. Time + Tide works in Madagascar and Zambia to support female empowerment for primary and secondary school girls, health, home-based

Welcome to Pure Aid

We are excited to welcome Pure Aid Incorporated to the KCS members’ network. Pure Aid is a US organisation operating in Sierra Leone and Liberia. They work with community volunteers, local

Welcome to SCAD

At Keeping Children Safe we are excited to welcome Students Campaign Against Drugs (SCAD) to the KCS members’ network. SCAD is a not-for-profit organisation established with the aim of reducing

Welcome to Coomacovalle

We are excited to welcome Coomacovalle to the KCS members’ network. Working in Latin America, they are a Columbian organisation who are a cooperative of community mothers that deliver early childhood

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